and projects

Our commitment transcends the construction of the spaces; we build environments in a demanding and planned way, to generate new life concepts.


We combine an exclusive interior design service with a great experience in distribution projects and renovation of premises, stores and other commercial spaces.


Through NOVOCONCEPTO you will be able to efficiently adapt the space and style needs of your office design.


Give your hotel or restaurant a personality of its own with an interior design project.


Hospitals compete with services very similar to hotels, providing care, comfort and a restful environment are a priority. priority.


Professional proposals that articulate the technical aspect of the construction with the with art and creativity, we solve design projects, adjusting to the aesthetic, technological and market to the aesthetic, technological and market innovations. We specialize in organizing and creating living and functional spaces.

Architectural materials
and furniture

The marketing, supply and application of all types of architectural finishes is one of our strengths. architectural finishes is one of our strengths, be they commercial, residential or industrial for both residential and industrial for both exteriors and interiors.