Our brands

We represent and commercialize the STEELCASE brand, the largest and most prestigious furniture company and factory in the world in terms of office furniture. Previously, this brand was promoted among our clients as an additional service, however due to the growth of the market and demand, this and other important brands are part of our Showroom.

Showroom or Work Studio, as this type of sales room is called nowadays, is exactly a living room, a working lifestyle. Our office is located in the same facilities of the Work Studio and we make use of the furniture with the objective of showing our buyers the different uses and technologies, as well as the benefit of using the products, giving an innovative aspect to a new generation of offices.

Today, Novo Concepto’s Work Studio is visited by architects, interior designers, engineers, businessmen and all those who are interested in setting up new offices or renovating existing ones.

In addition to Steelcase, which is not only dedicated to manufacturing office furniture, we also offer furniture for the educational area, hospitals, hotels, exteriors, restaurants and many more.

Products with great results

About the companies
we represent

Brief description of the companies and exclusive representations for Honduras and Central America (in some cases), international companies with which NOVO CONCEPTO has worked and developed projects with very good results

All these product lines are being managed by a sales team led by professionals, the staff (architects, engineers, graduates) are being trained by each of the factories and to date we have managed to penetrate institutions and companies with both the remodeling service and products.

In the last months, the sales department has quoted and is currently working with clients in which the approximate value amounts to more than $2,000,000.00 such as: Tigo, Maria Foundation, Panorama, Sitel, Concretec, Pepsi, Clarion Hotel, Hotel honduras Maya, Sky residence Club, Lothelsa, Municipality of SPS, Banco Fichosa, Mall Multiplaza, Hotel hyatt, Lacthosa, Aerotour, among others.