The centenary history of POINT was born from the mixture of a passion for design, an innovative and international vision and the constant search for excellence in quality.

In his workshop founded in 1920 in Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), José Pons Pedro started an exciting project in which he applied his passion and his knowledge of wicker weaving learned in Argentina. An artisan work with an international outlook that became, day by day, a philosophy of life, at the root of POINT.

POINT was born from the drive of four generations that have been drawing a hand-woven history for almost 100 years. In each thread, in each knot, in each bend of its shapes, you can read, like prisms of its time, the evolution of outdoor furniture design. 100 years of history creating a global brand present in more than 70 countries. Since they started using rattan in its origin to the incorporation of new materials, its trajectory runs parallel to the design. A commitment to professional designers, national and international, and master craftsmen who have imagined new products capable of combining beauty, elegance, luxury and innovation.