URBANTIME is the furniture collection created to make these moments in the life of each and every one of us more comfortable: when we are in transport waiting rooms, enjoying an ice cream in the shade of a tree in a square or taking a minute to recover from the day to day.

URBANTIME is a brand created to bring the same quality, passion and style to outdoor public spaces: parks, streets, bike paths, swimming pools and hotels. Over the years, this awareness has grown and has become a showcase of a genuine brand that offers timely innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of the market.

Each product is the result of a chain of "masterminds" who dedicate their heart and soul to the same mission. The minds of those who designed them, combined with those who support or engineer them, those who produce them, those who tell their story, those who promote them, those who install them, and finally, those who use them: most importantly, all that we try to conquer with the quality of our products year after year.